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We are the source of the best organic products and herbal supplements all across the country. We are the outcome of the initiative- organic India, and the best herbal supplement company. We believe in and work towards organic wellness and this is why we are our customer’s favorite. Here are our evergreen products that are most loved:


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Our Products

True health and wellness are only achievable with a healthy diet, proper rest, and organic supplements. If you are looking for organic products India, then Omkara Hills is the best herbal supplement company. Years of research, immense efforts and the experience of professionals together produce the best herbal supplements. We have an organic solution for every problem of yours. When you are finally here at our herbal website, you may have come across some products which serve various purposes as mentioned below

Nowadays, people are looking for safe and healthy ways to deal with their health problems. More and more people are switching to organic stores and herbal products from organic companies to treat their illnesses. From weight loss, orthopedic pains, constipation, diabetics, vitamin deficiency, energy, and low immunity, we have a solution for everything; and the best part is- all are completely organic products. We have an organic and safe solution for all your health-related problems. Our herbal website is all you need- a one-stop solution that is hygienic, healthy, and safe. For more details, reach out to our customer support who are available round-the-clock to hear you out!

Perfect 21 Capsules

Combination of 21 herbs to improve immunity

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Slim & Active Capsules

Formula to reduce the stubborn fat in body

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Power Man Capsules

Ideal combination for healthy power in men

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Power Woman Capsules

Formulation for increased immunity in women

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Diabo Shield Capsules

Perfect composition to help fight diabetics

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Orthomate Capsules

Organic formula to treat body aches and joint pains

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Consti Relief Capsules

Herbal supplements to relieve constipation

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Panch Tulsi Drops

A completely organic and herbal Immunity booster

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Orthomate Pain Relief Oil

Safe solution for all pains and aches

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Bast Sallere

Bring called seed first of third give itself now ment

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When purchasing products to switch for a healthy lifestyle, looking for the best brands of herbal supplements is mandatory. If you are also out on such a search, then Omkara Hills is an organic supermarket you should visit right away! We are among the top organic stores in India that prioritize health over all factors and deliver top-quality and organic products. You can pick your choices from this list and find everything at one place.

Why Omkara Hills ?

When hearing about us, you might wonder when there are numerous organic companies in India, why only Omkara hills? If you haven’t then you must! What a man needs to live long and happy is a healthy body. Health isn’t a medicine or miracle it is a lifestyle. Omkara believes in improving your health from the roots using completely herbal and organic products that are beneficial for the long run as well.

Omkara hills prioritize quality over everything and this is why we are awarded the best brand for quality excellence. We are a storehouse of well-researched components, quality ingredients, and fast-acting formulas that lead to satisfying outcomes with the most potent effect.

Our every product is manufactured in ISO & GMP certified facility which makes us stand among the top organic brands in India. If purity, quality and assured results are your need, then our health products are the best choice.

Our Products

Here’s What Our Customers Say!


I tried different workouts and diet plans but the results were never this satisfactory. The Slim & Active capsules by Omkara hills are just so amazing. Now, I have a perfectly toned body.


My parents are in their 70s and have been suffering from joint pains for a long time now. We tried Orthomate pain relief oil and the results are impressive. Thanks Omkara hills.


My mom is a working woman and runs throughout the day from home to office working and fulfilling all our needs. Lately she has been getting weaker and falling sick frequently. I brought her power woman capsules for Mother’s day; at first we weren’t sure but now she is more active than me.


My grandfather is diabetic for over 10 years now. But, lately his readings are high and he failed in controlling them. Then a friend suggested diabo shield capsules. They turned out really well. Thanks Omkara hills!


I used to fall sick frequently then I started taking Panch tulsi drops which helped me boost my health and immunity. This is really organic, safe and healthy.